04. July 2022
A week in the life of a… Trainee High Intensity CBT Practitioner
Working as a Trainee HI-CBT Practitioner, the timing of my week can vary, but my tasks and appointments are usually the same. Rather than documenting a typical ‘day by day’, I’ve categorised my role and the tasks I often find myself doing on a weekly basis...
04. May 2022
Art Psychotherapy- An Introduction
Art psychotherapy is also known as Art Therapy, each term relates to a type of psychotherapy which uses art as a way of enabling the expression of feelings and emotions in a safe way with the art therapist.
02. May 2022
Tackling Exam Stress
At the moment many children and young people are preparing for tests and exams. For some of these children and young people the effects of this can be minor or even positive but research suggests that 1 in 7 students can feel highly anxious about tests and exams.
04. April 2022
5 Mindful minutes
Mindfulness is a technique that focuses on bringing your attention to the present moment. It involves noticing what is happening to your surroundings by using your senses, without casting judgement. Mindfulness is about just being, stepping ‘out of your head’ to pay attention to your body and the world around you.
31. March 2022
Anxiety and CBT Treatment
Anxiety is a normal emotion that anyone can experience, just like happiness, sadness, and anger. Many refer to anxiety as a bad or negative feeling, this is because learning to live and cope with anxiety can be challenging. Anxiety is often related to fear, this is because when faced with a difficult or uncomfortble situation, our bodies experience a surge of adrenaline to prepare us to either engage or seek safety known as the fight, flight or freeze response.
28. February 2022
Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2022
It is estimated that eating disorders affect 1 in 50 people in the UK and are known as one of the most serious mental health conditions. Whilst it is true that eating disorders are most common amongst teenage girls, they can affect anyone regardless of their age, gender or background. The earlier a person gets help and support for an eating disorder, the more likely they are to recover successfully.
10. February 2022
Seperation Anxiety
Highlighting less known issues not in the media spotlight: Separation anxiety
19. January 2022
Emotional Literacy
What is it? “Emotional literacy involves having self-awareness and recognition of your own feelings and knowing how to manage them, such as the ability to stay calm when you feel angry or to reassure yourself when in doubt. It includes empathy, i.e. having sensitivity to the feelings of others”. (emotionallyhealthyschools.org). How is it helpful for children? Helping children recognise their own feelings can be useful in a variety of situations. For example, a child being able to recognise...
14. January 2022
5 tips to promote positive mental health in 2022
New Year’s for most represents a fresh start. For some, New Year’s inspires the desire to introduce healthier habits into their lifestyle. Regardless of your resolutions this year, being mindful of our diet can have a massive influence on not only our physical health but also our mental health. Below are 5 top tips to help maintain and promote positive mental health. 1. Eating regular meals Eating regularly is crucial in order to maintain not only good concentration, but stable blood sugar...
03. December 2021
Kenny's story- A case study
A case study of Kenny's support at The Link

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