18. April 2024
Music and Mindfulness
Do you have songs that always bring back memories of happy, sad or exciting times in your life? Music is a universal tool that ignites different emotions in all of us. We all have those songs that trigger a particular emotion. Music can also help us to reset our brains and bodies, especially when used in conjunction with relaxation or mindfulness
07. April 2024
World Health Day 2024
It's World Health Day 2024 and this year’s theme is “My Health, My Right”. Read more and you'll find tips on looking after your physical and mental health alongside considering different ways to celebrate this year!
02. April 2024
Autism Acceptance Week 2024
The Link are supporting #WorldAutismAcceptanceWeek2024 The National Autistic Society has stated that: “In 2024, we’re asking everyone to get as colourful as possible with their amazing fundraising”. Click below to read a little about colour and beneficial uses of art therapy written by an art psychotherapist
18. March 2024
Resource Sharing - A useful resource for anxious thoughts:  Recommended by a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.
Our Practitioners often like to share useful resources and information with members of the team and also the families we work with. You may find the following resource useful, check it out! A useful resource for anxious thoughts: Recommended by a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.
15. March 2024
World Sleep Day 2024
Today is world sleep day and so we thought we would share some helpful information, tips and websites that can help to support good sleep.
26. February 2024
Eating Disorder Awareness Week
This week at The Link we are recognising Eating Disorders Awareness Week 26th February to 3rd March 2024.
14. December 2023
With the holidays coming up, we’ve put together a list of five tips we hope will be helpful for both you and your family...
07. November 2023
Emotional Literacy in Children: Why is it so essential and how do we promote it?
Some children are naturally more in-tune with their emotions, whilst others find this more challenging. Regardless of this, all children need their emotional literacy skills nurtured, encouraged and developed by their caregivers! When a child's Emotional Literacy skills are nurtured, they can go on to develop good Emotional Intelligence, which is the ability to self-regulate when they experience big emotions and also show resilience when they are faced with life's ups and downs.
25. August 2023
Exercise/ Physical Activity and mental health
I’m sure we’ve all had people tell us that physical activity or exercise is good for improving our mental health. But have you ever wondered why this is?? Read on to find out.
25. August 2023
Play Therapy- An Introduction
Play therapy is a therapeutic approach primarily used with children, but it can also be beneficial for adolescents and adults. It works by utilising play as a natural and expressive means for the client to communicate their thoughts, emotions, experiences, and struggles. This blog explains what the Play Therapy process involves and details the key elements!

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