06. January 2023
Instead of X, try Y
Unsurprisingly, once again many of us have been caught up in the cycle of ‘new year new me’; this can often see us set unrealistic goals for ourselves, which then leave us feeling ashamed and disappointed that we were unable to adhere to unsustainably high expectations. With this in mind, we’ve collated some (of what we think are) the more common New Years resolutions, and have instead replaced them with suggestions of what we think are a little more achievable.
04. November 2022
An Interview with a Children's Wellbeing Practitioner
A Children’s Wellbeing Practitioner (CWP for short) delivers interventions using Low Intensity cognitive behavioural therapy...
04. November 2022
Hints and Tips for living a happier and healthier life
Everyone’s take on happiness and what makes them happy varies.
10. October 2022
An Interview with an Education Mental Health Practitioner
Read our most recent blog which gives you an insight into the role of an Education Mental Health Practitioner, working within the InsideOut Mental Health Support Team...
08. September 2022
Systemic Family Practice- An Introduction
Systemic Family Practice is similar to family therapy in its approach to supporting children, young people and their families overcome problems within the family system.
08. September 2022
Behavioural Activation for Low Mood
Behavioural activation is a treatment used to support people struggling with low mood / depression. BA can be a stand alone treatment , but is usually delivered by a high or low intensity cognitive behavioural therapist (CBT).
28. July 2022
What to expect from assessments and sessions
This blog will give you a better understanding of what to expect from our service from start to end...
04. July 2022
A week in the life of a… Trainee High Intensity CBT Practitioner
Working as a Trainee HI-CBT Practitioner, the timing of my week can vary, but my tasks and appointments are usually the same. Rather than documenting a typical ‘day by day’, I’ve categorised my role and the tasks I often find myself doing on a weekly basis...
04. May 2022
Art Psychotherapy- An Introduction
Art psychotherapy is also known as Art Therapy, each term relates to a type of psychotherapy which uses art as a way of enabling the expression of feelings and emotions in a safe way with the art therapist.
02. May 2022
Tackling Exam Stress
At the moment many children and young people are preparing for tests and exams. For some of these children and young people the effects of this can be minor or even positive but research suggests that 1 in 7 students can feel highly anxious about tests and exams.

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