26. February 2024
Eating Disorder Awareness Week
This week at The Link we are recognising Eating Disorders Awareness Week 26th February to 3rd March 2024.
14. December 2023
With the holidays coming up, we’ve put together a list of five tips we hope will be helpful for both you and your family...
07. November 2023
Emotional Literacy in Children: Why is it so essential and how do we promote it?
Some children are naturally more in-tune with their emotions, whilst others find this more challenging. Regardless of this, all children need their emotional literacy skills nurtured, encouraged and developed by their caregivers! When a child's Emotional Literacy skills are nurtured, they can go on to develop good Emotional Intelligence, which is the ability to self-regulate when they experience big emotions and also show resilience when they are faced with life's ups and downs.
25. August 2023
Exercise/ Physical Activity and mental health
I’m sure we’ve all had people tell us that physical activity or exercise is good for improving our mental health. But have you ever wondered why this is?? Read on to find out.
25. August 2023
Play Therapy- An Introduction
Play therapy is a therapeutic approach primarily used with children, but it can also be beneficial for adolescents and adults. It works by utilising play as a natural and expressive means for the client to communicate their thoughts, emotions, experiences, and struggles. This blog explains what the Play Therapy process involves and details the key elements!
10. July 2023
Wallet friendly well-being activities
If you’re anything like us, you’re already wondering how you’re going to fill the looooong stretch of the summer holidays without breaking the bank! To save you the stress, we’ve put together twelve activities for you and your child/ren to do, all of which are good for both their well-being and good for your wallet...
12. May 2023
An Interview with an Enhanced Evidence Based Practitioner
Enhanced Evidence Based Practitioner (EEBP for short) delivers brief, low intensity, evidence based interventions. Evidence-based practice refers to the use of interventions, strategies, and supports that have research documenting their effectiveness...
12. April 2023
Therapeutic Art for children and their families
In this blog we look at the value of art for children’s development and expression. Art making is one of the earliest forms of curiosity children develop. Scribbling, colouring and drawing helps the child understand themselves and the world around them.
11. April 2023
Helping children and young people cope with Exam Stress!
Despite there being lots of positives at this time of year, for some, it can be tough as exams begin to approach. If you are in this position and you are finding yourself feeling more stressed than usual at the moment because of looming exams, this is natural and please remember this is temporary!
06. April 2023
The Importance of Sleep Hygiene and Tips To Help Our Children and Young People Improve their Sleep Hygiene
How many of us have had trouble sleeping in our adulthood or childhood? Most? In this blog, I will be looking at some of the main causes for sleep difficulties for a young person and how we as adults can help support them to get the best possible night’s sleep!

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