Growing up is not always easy, there are times when help and support are needed. Adversity happens, loss, trauma, stress, bullying, relationships, health or low confidence, adapting to the world around, all these can challenge the youth of today. 





Children &  Young people deal differently with these challenges and can present their worries in many different ways.


Emotional Distress


Change in Behaviour 

Low Mood or Depression

Emotional Changes

Low Self Esteem

Low Confidence

Physical Health Worries

Lack of Social Skills

Breakdown in Relationships


At The Link we see many of the above issues facing children & young people and offer a variety of therapeutic services to help them to find their own solution to the challenges they are facing.  We want to help  children and young people understand their own emotions, what the cause is and equip them with the skills to overcome them and be who they want to be.


We will always begin with a Therapeutic Assessment, to ensure that our service is the most appropriate to provide support and if so recommend one to one sessions based upon need using the practices listed below;


One to One Therapeutic Intervention

Art Therapy

Child Psychotherapy


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP)


If we feel our service isn't the most appropriate for need we will refer to another provider with a report of our assessment to ensure support is accessed as soon as possible.

About Us


The Link is a Community Interest Company or a CIC for short, which means we are motivated by making a positive change rather than making money.  We believe that nobody should have to face emotional distress alone, so we provide a variety of therapeutic services, activities, training and events to support children, young people and families who are facing challenges in relation to mental health.


The Link CIC, Community Ventures Ltd, 101 The Greenway, Middlesbrough, TS3 9NA


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