Our Vision;

For all children and young people to benefit from positive mental health


Our Mission;

INTERVENTION: To deliver a range of high-quality therapeutic interventions in collaboration with children, young people and families to achieve sustainable, positive mental health and emotional resilience. 


PARTNERSHIP: To work in partnership with children, young people, families and other organisations to improve access to support and champion change for positive outcomes.


TRAINING: To continually invest in training, education and development of The Link team to maintain a high-quality service, sharing skills and knowledge with other organisations and the wider community, raising the profile of children and young people's mental health.


Our Values;

RESPECT: everyone, to ensure inclusivity.

SUPPORT: through encouragement, understanding and empathy, building positive relationships.

EMPOWER: championing all to feel strong & empowered & have a voice to challenge the status quo.

TRUST: to deliver a high quality service & treat everyone with the kindness & honesty they deserve.


Our Objectives; 

  • By 2024 The Link will have long term sustainability with an outstanding reputation for quality and delivery.
  • Support other professionals through training and best practice, promoting positive mental health in children and young people.
  • Increase awareness of the whole service offer and quality of delivery through enhanced online presence and interaction, while improving access to service through continual review and development of internal processes and systems.
  • Consistently deliver a high quality service based on up to date evidence with a fully trained and accredited workforce, utilising regular skills and growth analysis to ensure service delivery meets the needs of the community.
  • Enhance existing partnerships to improve access to service and develop 18+ support pathways, championing positive change.
  • Become known as the leading organisation in children and young people's mental health, advocating face to face support and delivering on national initiatives while promoting children and young people's voices.
  • Commit to invest in information technology and information security by ensuring issued equipment is fit for purpose and ISO certification is achieved.
  • Improve the recruitment, induction and retention process of the workforce through regular market comparisons, accurate service projections and children and young people's participation
  • Expand service offer for those with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder ensuring a workforce with quality, evidence based skills to facilitate effective support.
  • Ensure equality and diversity of workforce and service provision that is accessible to all and meets the needs of the community.
  • Ensure corporate governance is effective and delivers the long-term success of The Link

Adoption Support

 The Link provides a variety of services to support looked after children as well as children who have been adopted. Our dedicated team use evidence based practices designed to aid positive relationships, support individuals and families dealing with trauma, disruption and attachment difficulties.

Services for Schools

At the Link we can offer service level agreements that would provide an Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner on site, in school, dedicated to meet your needs 


 At The Link we offer a holistic approach to health & well-being to bring you a wide range of services to encourage brilliant healthy minds



 Read a selection of stories about young people's journeys following support from The Link