Music and Mindfulness

Do you have songs that always bring back memories of happy, sad or exciting times in your life?


Music is a universal tool that ignites different emotions in all of us. We all have those songs that trigger a particular emotion. Music can also help us to reset our brains and bodies, especially when used in conjunction with relaxation or mindfulness.

Some people may prefer to meditate or relax in silence, however, music can be said, when used alongside meditation or relaxation, to support the symptoms of mental health difficulties.


Where might you find music to support this? 

You can find lots of guided meditations with music on popular apps such as Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music. 

However, simply finding those pieces of music that you choose yourself and creating your own playlist could be the best way to personalise your well being. 


So what will be your ‘go to’ songs?


Here are a few suggestions:

One Day like this - Elbow 

Here Comes the Sun - George Harrison

Sitting on The Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding

Dreams - Fleetwood Mac

Fast Car - Tracy Chapman 


Or if you enjoy classical music:

Debussy - Clair de Lune 

Mozart - Piano Sonata No.16 (you might not know the names of these songs but you will recognise them when you hear them)


Or…your favourite film soundtracks might be a choice too. 


Why not give it a try! Finding those pieces that help you relax and be calm could be the key to a healthy brain and body.