We have supported 3,033 children and young people since 2014 completing a total of 15,435 1:1 interventions



- 90% felt they were listened to in their sessions 

- 93% expressed they were treated well by the practitioners 

- 87% said their worries were taken seriously


“My problems were listened to with no judgement and what I said mattered”


“They really helped me to be more confident in school and out”

“I could tell all my problems and get advice on what to do and how to cope”

“All the people I spoke to were very kind and put me at ease. I never felt anxious in sessions”

“Nothing about my concerns was regarded as silly. I was listened to and allowed to share anything I wanted/needed to”

“It was good because I was helped and understood. I was able to trust the people that seen me”

“I could have a laugh with my Link worker and we can have serious chats about things too”



- 93% of parents/carers felt their child was listened to in their sessions 

- 98% of parents/carers expressed they were treated well by the practitioners 

- 96% of parents/carers said their worries were taken seriously


 “Helpful service that was desperately needed and definitely benefited from, Thank you”


 ''My daughter has lost all the stress she’s so relaxed, happy to talk''

“Mine and my daughters feelings and thoughts were always considered and it helped us both"

''I've noticed a huge improvement in my child's anxiety problems, things that we as parents were struggling to share'' 

"All of the care was good. The Link really helped my son. I could not promote this service enough, I just wish more people knew about this service so then it could be offered to more children across Redcar and Cleveland"

''The care was really good and they listened to what he had to say and did everything to help''