Empower @ The Link

We offer support on a one-to one basis through talking therapies. We have an integrative approach, which means that we aim to provide the most appropriate style of counselling for you and your situation at the time of contact.


Our counsellors/ psychotherapists have a range of skills & knowledge to utilise depending on the needs of the client. The therapeutic approach will be discussed at your Care Planning Meeting and also reviewed throughout the therapy



We respect everyone’s experience and ensure inclusion is at the heart of our work. Each therapist works within the ethical framework of their governing body.


Respecting clients’ privacy and confidentiality are fundamental to building and maintaining a positive therapeutic relationship. However, there are limits to confidentiality, which will be clearly explained at your Care Planning Meeting.


We aim to provide the opportunity, within a safe environment, for you to explore what’s on your mind, at your own pace. 



Where is the venue?

Counselling can be provided from various venues throughout the North East. This will be discussed between you and your counsellor.


How long does it take?

Sessions are usually arranged weekly, and last an hour. The number of sessions required depends on the individuals needs. The therapist and client will regularly assess the progress, therapeutic benefits, and agree on the number of sessions throughout the process.


How much does it cost?

Costs vary. You can request more information by contacting a member of our team


How do I make a referral?

Anyone can make a referral if a child or adult needs help. Please contact us for a referral form or download this from our website.