Systemic Family Practice
Systemic family practice (SFP) looks to help members of a family understand each other better, change negative behaviours and resolve conflicts. It is an evidence-based approach where the therapists work closely with various significant members of the family system to help them explore themes of relationship and develop problem solving skills.

Family Group Conferencing

A Family Group Conference (FGC) is a meeting where family members and friends make the main decisions. It is arranged and facilitated by the Family Group Conference Coordinator, who is not involved in making decisions about the child. FGCs are a means of enabling families to find solutions to their own problems within a professionally supportive framework. A family is defined as the child, the parents, extended family members and family friends.

Parent Led CBT

PLCBT is an evidence-based intervention that treats anxiety in children and young

people, by working with their parents. This intervention consists of 8 sessions that


is delivered both in-person and over the telephone. It is ran in a group format, which allows parents to support each other.