An Interview with an Enhanced Evidence Based Practitioner

What is your role at The Link? 

My role is a Enhanced Evidence Based Practitioner (EEBP for short). An EEBP delivers brief, low intensity, evidence based interventions.


Evidence-based practice refers to the use of interventions, strategies, and supports that have research documenting their effectiveness. Practices that are evidence-based are ones that have been demonstrated as effective within multiple research studies that document similar outcomes which essentially means that there is evidence to prove they are effective and work. 


When is it a good time to seek support?

There can be a few reasons why a person might want to seek support and engage in therapeutic interventions. However, finding a time in your life where you are motivated and are able to fully engage with support is key. 


Who do you work with?

I work with children, young people and parents.


What presentations do you work with? 

EEBP’s work with children and young people with mild to moderate low mood, anxiety disorders and behavioural difficulties. We support children and young people using a variety of interventions such as:

  • Behavioural Activation
  • Graded Exposure
  • Behavioural Experiments
  • Worry management.


Describe a typical session... 

Session’s can differ depending on age, presentation and intervention.

However, a typical session will last around 40-50 minutes. We start each session by setting an agenda. We can think of this as being our plan for the session ahead. This can include things such as recapping the previous session, homework & reviewing goals and dedicated time to look at what you would find useful that day.

Once we have planned our session and completed it, we will finish up by reflecting on our session, plan any homework or task to do over the week, and answer any questions you may have. 


How do you know that a young person has made some progress?

Progress can be recognised in the smallest of changes and will be different for everyone. However, some of the earliest signs of progress that I see is an individual allowing themselves the space to fully feel and open up about their emotions and experiences. 


What do you enjoy most about your job ?

I love that every day is different but most of all I love to see the difference that can be made to a young person's life. 


What aspect of CBT do you find particularly useful?

CBT aims at breaking your problems down into smaller more manageable parts to help stop negative cycles. This part of the process is really helpful in allowing an individual to understand how their thoughts, feelings and behaviours are all linked. Helping to recognise how one of these factors can affect how you respond to a situation. 


What is your motto in life?

Don’t let yesterday take too much of today


If you had a super power what would it be?

I would definitely choose ‘flight’ - I think it would be great to be able to travel long distances without having to rely on transport but also I imagine it would feel very liberating to be able to fly in the sky. 


What colour best describes you? And why? 

 I think I’d have to say blue as for me the colour blue represents calm and responsibility.