Instead of X, try Y

Unsurprisingly, once again many of us have been caught up in the cycle of ‘new year new me’; this can often see us set unrealistic goals for ourselves, which then leave us feeling ashamed and disappointed that we were unable to adhere to unsustainably high expectations. With this in mind, we’ve collated some (of what we think are) the more common New Years resolutions, and have instead replaced them with suggestions of what  we think are a little more achievable. 


Health related:


Instead of: I’m going to adhere to a strict diet to loose X amount of weight

Try: I’m going to make one small change (such as swapping pop for water) and when that becomes a habit, I will introduce another


Instead of: I’m going fully vegetarian/vegan to loose weight

Try: I’m going to try to eat meatless/plant based for 1 meal/day per week 


Instead of: I’m going to go to go for a long walk/to the gym 3-5 times a week

Try: I’m going to go for a long walk/to the gym once a week during the week, and once every other weekend 


Work/finance related:


Instead of: I’m going to demand a raise or find another job

Try: I’m going to ask to arrange a meeting with my manager in regards to my performance, and see if there is opportunity for me to take on more responsibility which in turn may come with a raise


Instead of: I’m going to save every penny I earn, start multiple side hustles and stop socialising to buy my dream house/pay off my debt

Try: I’m going to monitor my spending for at least 2 - 3 months, and then set a realistic budget which I can then adjust if necessary OR I’m going to arrange a meeting with Citizens Advice to explore what options I have in regard to debt management 


Instead of: I’m going to set my alarm for 6am every morning so I’ve got plenty of time to get ready for work

Try: I’m going to set my alarm 15 - 30 minutes earlier, and choose my outfit the night before saving me time on a morning



Family/friends related:


Instead of: I’m going to cut out all negative people out of my life, and stop doing everything for everyone

Try: I’m going to start to implement appropriate boundaries, such as not answering phone calls during working hours, and only offering suggestions of things I am willing and able to do


Instead of: I’m going to meet the man/woman of my dreams and be engaged/pregnant by the end of the year

Try: I’m going to try to put myself out more, attending more social events and be open to meeting new friends (which in turn may result in a romantic relationship) OR I’m going to be mindful of the content I’m consuming that is making me compare my relationship to others, and have a conversation with my significant other to address and share our plans for the future


Instead of: I’m going to go out every weekend and travel to XYZ with various friends/family members

Try: I’m going to make a list of day trips I would like to go to throughout the year, and compare this with places my friends/family members are wanting to go. I will start to save X amount each month to go on one holiday/staycation, and arrange days/nights in which will fit within my budget



Personal growth related:


Instead of: I’m going to totally overhaul my appearance and be unrecognisable by this time next year

Try: I’m going to practise self-care and slowly introduce healthy habits (such as walking, drinking water and going to sleep at an appropriate time) into my daily routine


Instead of: I’m going to have all my meals prepped and ready and my house always tidy

Try: I’m going to take lunch into work twice a week, and create a cleaning schedule which I can adjust if necessary 


Instead of: I’m going to learn to sew, practise violin and take up mandarin whilst learning to ride a unicycle

Try: I’m going to choose one skill which I’ll practise for 30 - 60 minutes a day/week which I will monitor throughout the year


We hope the above suggestions are helpful, and that if you are someone who has or is planning to set resolutions or goals, you are mindful of the expectations you are putting on yourselves (and others). If you are content with yourself/your life, we hope you have enjoyed the read, and that the above suggestions can offer guidance of how to support a family member or friend who shares their irritation regarding not being able to adhere to their various New Years Resolutions.