Autumn- 10 top tips to get help you feel healthy, happy, and hopeful!

Hello, and happy Autumn to all our friends and followers. For some, Autumn is the magical season where we can admire the falling leaves on our frosty walks, clutching Pumpkin Spice Lattes as we collect fallen conkers. For others, Autumn represents the start of the miserable weather and the dark nights, and sees us sprawled on the sofa in our loungewear channel surfing. Regardless of how we choose to spend the season, Autumn is here, and we thought we’d give you ten top tips to get help you feel healthy, happy, and hopeful for the rest of the year.


  1. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself - Autumn is an incredibly aesthetic season, and our social media channels are often filled with images that make us feel like we’re not ‘joining in’ or appreciating the season as we should. Don’t be fooled - there is no ‘right way’ to appreciate Autumn. If you would like to bring a little Autumn warmth into your home, there are plenty of easy ways to do so without breaking the bank. Why not try your hand at some DIY, or pop to your local Pound Shop or charity shops to see what they have on offer.
  2. Declutter, declutter, declutter - during Autumn we will naturally spend more time indoors than we have throughout the summer. With this in mind, it’s important that we make our home as comfortable as possible. This can be as simple as spending a couple of hours on a weekend decluttering old clothes and toys, or seeing if any furniture could benefit from a move around to give yourself a little more space.
  3. Challenge yourself to get outdoors - we understand it’s tempting to stay indoors in the warmth, however it’s not healthy to recluse ourselves form the world until the warmer weather returns. Challenge yourself to get outside for at least 15 minutes a day - even just for a walk around the block - to get a little fresh air. If you’re struggling to motivate yourself to get outdoors, give yourself a task - can you walk to the shop instead of driving?
  4. Drive and travel carefully - with rainy weather comes slippy roads; be cautious when traveling in difficult weather conditions and allow yourself extra time so you’re not rushing on the road. Ensure your windscreen wash is topped up on a regular basis, and give yourself time to de-ice the car.
  5. Remember to eat your fruit and vegetables - Autumn really is the season of sweet treats, and we’re no longer fancying that nice salad that we relied on throughout the summer. Instead, why not try your hand at making something hot - soups, stews, Bolognese and curries all are a great way to incorporate your 5 a day.
  6. Spend time with family and friends - but don’t spread yourself too thin. Be mindful of how much time you spend at work, at home and out in the community with others. If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, strip your calendar back to only your required responsibilities (i.e. work Monday - Friday) and then limit how much you add back in.
  7. Continue to stay safe - we’re finally starting to live life again with limited restrictions, and if you’re anything like us, you couldn’t be happier. Despite these positive changes, it is still incredibly important that you continue to wash your hands, regularly sanitise your work and home environment, and take a Rapid Flow Test if you are displaying any COVID-19 symptoms. Currently masks are optional, but encouraged (and sometimes enforced) within certain environments. 
  8. Utilize your resources and seek support - we’ve all experienced a difficult year and a half, and despite all being in the same storm, we’ve all had different things keeping us afloat, and for some this has left lasting effects. if you or your child are experiencing unhelpful emotions for a prolonged period of time, it’s time to ask for help. If you’re unsure of where to start, try speaking to your GP as they can signpost to services like ourselves (if your child is needing therapeutic support) or The Junction (if your child is impacted by a relative who requires additional care). Find more information here; The Link & The Junction
  9. Get out into the community - building on our last point, in addition to delivering therapeutic support, we also provide holistic and community support, through our charity called The Link Charitable Trust. The Link Charitable Trust is a community based charity working with children, young people, parents and families, facilitating groups such as Tots Crafty Crew, Craft and Chat, Sewing Group and they even have an allotment! Not only are these groups a great way to make friends and get out into the world, they’re also free, so they provide brilliant entertainment for the whole family and keeps your bank happy in the process. Find our more information here: The Link Charitable Trust
  10. Practise gratitude- It is OK to want more than you have - whether that be family related, career, or material things - but that shouldn’t stop us being grateful for what we’ve already received. If you’re struggling with practising gratitude, take five minutes at either the start or the end of each day, and list three things your grateful for.