Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay in Touch


Whilst we’ve stopped our face to face delivery, our staff are still very much at work, and eager to continue supporting yourself and your children through this difficult time. To allow this, we (like many others) have moved to a new way of working, which sees us delivering sessions both online and over the phone. Although it may feel a little restrictive to some, by doing so we’re keeping both our staff and you as safe as we possibly can. 


To support our new way of working, we’ve created the following breakdown which will help us to help you continue to make the most of your sessions, whether they are for yourself, or for your child. If you still have additional questions and queries once you’ve read this blog, please feel free to contact us for a chat to see if we can advise further (Duty Desk open daily from 2pm - 4pm on 01642 505580, option 3)


So that this information is accessible to all, we have scripted the following as if speaking to a young person. If you are reading this as your child is currently receiving sessions from ourselves, please take the information onboard and support them to make any necessary adjustments. 


A place to talk

 If you’ve attended sessions with ourselves before, you will know that engagement is key. Therefore, you ideally need to be settled somewhere that allows you to focus on your Link worker and the support provided. Additionally, some sessions (depending on the type of support) could be a little emotional if sensitive topics are covered. Therefore, being somewhere where you can speak freely and not worry about being overhead. If this is an issue, please speak to your Link worker, as you may wish to put your sessions on hold and instead switch to Keeping in Touch calls/texts or emails, which is a chance for you to check-in weekly with us but not engage in any therapeutic support. 


How to talk

 As previously mentioned, we have moved to remote delivery. Therefore, if you are still attending your sessions, they will now be offered through Zoom, Skype or over the phone. It is entirely up to you which you choose to do, however being set up and ready before your sessions begin will allow the session to be much more beneficial for you. If the appointment time is unsuitable, please speak to your Link worker and see whether it can be changed. If you choose to speak over the phone, we will call the prefered number via our work landline/mobile, and if you choose online sessions, you will be invited to an online platform such as Skype or Zoom via text or email, whichever you prefer. Please be reassured that these platforms have been chosen due to their high safety and security measures. Technical, confidentiality and safety information will be given before the session for you to read and agree to..


Getting ready

 In addition to choosing a place to speak, having the right equipment to engage in your session is also important. This could include a phone or a computer with a good internet connection. We also recommend using headphones if you have them to reduce any background noise so you are able to hear clearly. Being ready a few minutes before your session begins with some paper and a pen/pencil to write anything down would also be useful. If you are unsure whether you have the right equipment, please speak to your Link worker, or call us for a chat about how we can help. (Duty Desk open daily from 2pm - 4pm on 01642 505580, option 3)


The legal bit

 Anyone working online should be aware of the relevant law about data protection. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 set out the legal requirements for anyone who processes data or information about people in the UK. We would advise you speak to a parent or guardian about this, as although we strive to be as safe as possible online, you are entitled to (and should) do your own research. We suggest you seek support from a parent/guardian when setting up any type of online account so you know it is legit and safe to access. Again, if you are unsure of this, please speak to your Link worker as they will be able to explain further. 



 Even though we’re working remotely, we are still adhering to policies and procedures, one which would have been (or will be) discussed with you is confidentiality. There is much more to this that we will mention here, but in summary it explains that your sessions are confidential, however if we feel that you (or someone you know) is at risk, we are legally obligated to break that confidentiality to keep you (or them) safe. We may need to speak to your parent/guardian, or we may need to inform another service or discuss it with our Manager. It is important that you take this onboard, as once we hear something that poses a risk, we are unable to keep to ourselves. Again, this will be explained in more detail by your Link worker. 


We hope this blog has been of some use, and if there is anything that you are unsure of, please don’t hesitate to call us. (Duty Desk open daily from 2pm - 4pm on 01642 505580, option 3)


Thank you for reading!


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