‘Looked after’ and adopted children and young people often carry with them a history of trauma, loss and isolation. The challenge facing professionals is to be mindful of the far-reaching impact that traumatic early experiences and transitions one family setting to another may have on the development of a child’s social, emotional, behavioural and learning needs.

The latest guidance department of health (Future in Mind, 2015) states the that we must ‘get it right’ when supporting looked after and adopted children as they are among of the most vulnerable in our society.

This training is a will act as a vital resource if you work with children who have experienced early trauma, including Looked After and Adopted children. The training will increase your level of understanding around the impact early traumatic experiences and how you can work to effect positive change and meet the needs of the child/young person.                   

Who are the Trainers?

This course will be delivered by one or two (dependent on group size) of our practitioners who have an in-depth knowledge and work with children and young people in the care system or post adoption.

Who Should Attend Training

This training would be suitable for teachers, nurses /health professionals and  other professionals working with vulnerable children and young people such as those working voluntary sector

Benefits/Objectives of training

Professionals will gain insight around:

  • Local Authority perspectives (care orders, Special guardianship, etc)
  • Reasons children may enter the care system
  • Local perspective
  • Adoption (process and statutory guidance)
  • Mental health needs of LAC and adopted children

Professionals will be given practical guidance around:

  • What we can we do: multi agency/systemic mechanisms and direct intervention tools
  • Approaches to promoting recovery
  • The adoption support fund: what it is and how to access it
  • Signposting information- Evidence based interventions shown to be effective with LAC and adopted children and young people