As we are a social enterprise we are very conscious of where the money goes in terms of being able to provide the quality service our children, young people and families deserve.

Where your money goes

The great majority of our costs go into staffing (a huge 82%) with very little expenditure on core costs.  We certainly don't have fancy offices, expensive equipment and furniture, in fact many of the furnishings we have came from local charity shops!!

We all care passionately about the work we do with families but sometimes it is difficult for us to focus all our energies on this as we are often in a constant battle to continue funding the service.  As  highlighted on our home page we have delivered over 9,000 one hour therapeutic interventions since January, 2014 but the referrals keep coming in in ever increasing numbers.

We were very lucky to have been awarded a grant from the Big Lotteries Reaching Communities for 3 years from January, 2014.  This really really helped us to concentrate on the work we were delivering rather than constantly worrying about funding... although throughout this time we did not sit back and still focused on the future of the service.

This year things have become a little bit more difficult as a service as we had the loss of the lottery monies, an increase in our VAT liabilities and a reduction in some of our previous funding... but ... we are still here and are determined to remain so!!

You can be reassured that any donations you make will go completely to helping us to continue to provide this valuable service - we certainly don't pay high wages and hope that sometime we might be able to pay a bit more.  The key thing we need funding for is to help us not only with our core costs but also funding to help us reduce our waiting lists so an increase in staffing would be a bonus!

Budget Breakdown

 The graphs below show how the link has been funded April, 2015 to March, 2016 and April 2016 to March 2017.  There is also a graph showing our income source from April, 2017 to the end of September, 2017.  These show how our funding has changed over these particular periods and also how now we need to really now focus much more on fundraising and raising our profile with corporate business to ensure we can do as much as we can for the families who do really need this help.