Tina has a passion for making a difference to the lives of children and young people, she is a
qualified social worker with over 25 years experience and is passionate about children’s mental
health. During her career she has worked in a variety of different settings including CAMHS
Adolescent in-patient, child protection, adult mental health and finally in CAMHS development,
locally and regionally. Tina was instrumental in the development of the LINK service initially as a
pilot in 2010 to further assess need and in 2011 she set up the CIC which has grown into the
robust service it now is.

As Managing Director Tina is responsible for the overall coordination of the separate elements of
the service relying heavily on the expertise of fellow Directors who each have their own individual
areas of responsibility. She continues to have a keen interest in all aspects of the service with a
hands on approach so much so that one of the parents thought she was the cleaner!