Relax Kids Programme


Who should attend this course?

This course is suitable for Children, Young People ages 3 to 18 years and are able to facilitate Key Stage groups.


What to expect?

  • This programme can help:
  • Support pupils to be resilient, mindful and mentally healthy.
  • Support pupils with anxiety, depression and stress.
  • Give children a sense of belonging and feeling supported with positive attention and affirmation.
  • Help children with low self-esteem and communication by building trust and giving children a valuable opportunity to talk about feelings.
  • Help pupils with bullying and peer pressure.
  • Help pupils who have experiences loss of separation, lifechanging and traumatic events.


This programme consists of 6 x 1 hours sessions with our experienced Relax Kids instructors and

allows for up to 10 children/young people in a group.


This programme costs £500 but prices can be negotiated for block bookings


 To find out more please contact  us


Call: 01642 505580