The Link have been working with children and young people since 2010, initially as a pilot but as a fully fledged service since late 2013.  We were lucky enough to receive 3 years funding from the Big Lotteries Reaching Communities programme from January, 2014 to December, 2016.  


Since the 1st January, 2014 we have worked with over 1,800 children and young people aged from 3 to 18 years providing  over 9,000 one to one therapeutic interventions!


Watch the video below to see some of the beautiful comments they made about our lovely Emotional Well-being Practitioners!!

Look at some of the AMAZING comments from the children and young people we have supported!

Independent Evaluation of The Link- Stephanie Hunter

Independent Evaluation of The Link

This independent evaluation of the service was conducted by Stephanie Hunter a Senior Lecturer at Sunderland University.  

 One of her final comments from the Evaluation.

 "Something special has developed in a run-down building in Redcar, something creative, compassionate, child-centered and warm, warm like the practitioners voices, as one social worker said "Her voice makes me feel relaxed".  Something with authentic warmth described in Cameron and Maginns (2010) model of care, practice which genuinely changes life and enriches communities".