If you do want to help us with our work and raise some much needed funds - why not try out the following ideas!!

Doing anythings silly, or in fancy dress will attract lots of fundraising attention.  The bigger the hype, the better the support!!

Contact your local newspaper.... Reporters are always on the look-out for happy, inspiring stories to tell.  You can include details on how people can support you in the write up as well!

Writing to charitable celebrities ... Celebrities often donate autographs when people write to them with charitable requests - items like these can be auctioned to raise funds.

Host your own Master Chef - try getting a few supporters and host a friendly competition.  Participants can create their best dishes with a specific ingredient or theme and people pay to taste and cast their votes.

There must be many other ways - please contact us if you want to get involved!!- 01642 505580

Here are some videos of one of our Fundraising Events in 2016; 

The Link team walked 26 miles from Whitby to Redcar. Grit and sheer determination get them through, as well as lots of laughs along the way. Fantastic achievement and approximatley £1800 was raised!

Well done Team Link!

Check out the video of the Walkers returning after finishing the 26 miles!