Art therapy can help children from complex and traumatic backgrounds in a range of ways. It can help to increase concentration and attention skills, improve family and social relationships and increase a child’s confidence. For many children it is the first step towards finding ways of dealing with their feelings of loss, frustration and emotional trauma so that they can start to learn to trust, love and lead happier lives. Art Psychotherapy is a non-directive and creative form of therapy. It involves using arts materials to express thoughts, feelings and experiences, in a safe environment. It is particularly appropriate for working with children and young people, as being creative and playing is a normal part of growing up. Our Art Psychotherapist at The Link, can help children and young people to use art for a variety of reasons. These include; being creative, providing a different way to communicate, expression of feelings and thoughts through non-verbal methods, thinking about loss and helping with emotional trauma. Art Psychotherapy also supports emotional regulation, aids relaxation and focus, enhances safety and containment, helps children gain clarity and reduces confusion, and increases confidence.