“Our volunteers are not paid because they are worthless but because they are priceless.”

Volunteers are needed to support the work of The Link and volunteering comes in may shapes and sizes. We need volunteers to support children’s groups, parent support groups, our business and administration team, fundraisers and ideas people!

If you want to volunteer with us it is a relatively easy process, firstly contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Beth, either by email on [email protected] or  by phone on 01642 486850. She will then arrange to meet you and discuss what opportunities are available that meet yours and our needs. After completing an application form and receiving references we will then apply for  DBS certificate for you and once that has been received you will be ready to go. You will be given a short induction and offered training opportunities to support your role.

We value to contribution volunteers make to our organisation and whether or not you have a special skill or not we would welcome your contribution.