Adoption Support

 “Therapists from The Link CIC have been providing therapeutic interventions to adoptive families, being supported by Together For Children Adoption Sunderland, for 2.5 years. Some of the interventions, including DDP and Art Therapy, have been on-going for some time. The therapists have provided consistent well planned interventions. The feedback from children and families is positive in terms of the professional relationships they have developed with the therapists and the outcomes of the interventions. The therapists have shown a commitment to families and have had a positive approach in terms of adoption related issues. This Agency looks forward to having a continued engagement with The Link CIC, particularly with their new therapies, including trauma focused CBT and EMDR.”- Kathryn McCabe, Together for Children, Sunderland, Lead Manager Fostering and Adoption (October 2017)

 Adoption Support Fund


What is the Adoption Support Fund (ASF)?

On 24th January 2013, the Department for Education (DfE) published their report ‘Further Action on Adoption: Finding more loving homes’, setting out their proposals to attract adopters and improve the support available to adoptive families. This led to the implementation of the Prototype Adoption Support Fund in December 2013 which has been working with ten Local Authorities to generate sustainable improvement to the assessment and provision of appropriate therapeutic support to adoptive families.

Now with a simplified application process and refined funding criteria the Adoption Support Fund was opened to all 152 Local Authorities in England on 1st May 2015. Parents and Local Authorities are encouraged to make applications for funding to provide post-adoption therapeutic support.