Our Partners

The importance of building positive relationships with the child, young person and their parents/carers is ‘the’ key element to achieving a successful outcome for the child.    The old-fashioned attitude towards parents by professionals that ‘they know best’ is no longer seen as a helpful way of working.  This attitude often created an atmosphere where parents did not feel at ease. Parents felt that their views were not important.

 At the Link, we offer a warm friendly environment so that the whole family can feel part of the interventions offered.  We have recognised the importance of working with the whole family in a much more meaningful manner and are in the process of developing a range of resources where we can offer a much more holistic approach to the whole family!


Multi—Agency Working


Working in collaboration is essential if families are to be offered the range of support they require in a timely manner. Multi-agency working is about providing a seamless response to individuals with multiple and complex needs. This could be as part of a multidisciplinary team or on an ad hoc basis. Working across these boundaries is critical to planning and providing appropriate support.


Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)


The Link team works closely with CAMHS to ensure the child/young person gains the level of service they need without having to figure out where they need to go.   If a child is assessed at The Link and it is felt they do require more specialist NHS care.

Social Care

The Link team work very closely with a range of professionals including early help, social workers, school nurses and health visitors.   Attendance at a range of multi-agency meetings is an integral part of our work at the Link and we view it as a high priority with all our workforce.


Schools and early years settings


Children and young people spend a great deal of their early lives in nursery, primary and secondary education so it is important that our practitioners build positive relationships with schools.   The team also deliver many of the interventions with the child within the school setting again this helps to forge these relationships.




The Link Charitable Trust


The Link Charitable Trust has been created to ensure that all children and families locally have access to emotional wellbeing and mental health support. The charity will support local families by offering regular drop-in advice and information sessions, educational training programmes and a range of activity and social groups for children, young people and families to reduce social isolation and enable new friendships to be made.