We have a passionate team of professionals who are active members of professional bodies to ensure safe practice and access to the most up to date therapy and support.

These include: HCPC, UKCP, BACP, BPS & MHFA England.


All our team are highly skilled in their own roles specialising in a lot of different interventions which can help with depression, anxiety, building confidence and self-esteem as well as a range of other mental health problems. 

Name: Janine

Role: Acting CEO

Worked at The Link since: 2010


Favourite Food: Pasta

Superpower of choice: Telepathy

Favourite TV show/ Film: Harry Potter


A day in your role...

A typical day in the role of Acting CEO involves lots of emails, meetings and planning with a focus on the future of The Link. Ensuring we are delivering a service that meets the needs of the Children and Young People of the Tees Valley and the team are providing the highest quality support.

Name: Tina

Role: CEO / Founder

Worked at The Link since: 2010


Favourite Food: 

Superpower of choice: 

Favourite TV show/ Film: 


A day in your role...

Name:  Hayley Hill

Role:  IAPT Lead/ CBT Practitioner

Worked at The Link since:  March 2015


Favourite Food:  Curry

Superpower of choice:  Protective Forcefield
Favourite TV show/ Film: So hard to choose!...How to Lose a Guy in Ten days!

 A day in your role...

 There are no two days the same in my role, but each day is a pleasure! In my role as a CBT practitioner, I deliver high-intensity cognitive behavioural therapy to Children and Young people (usually aged 8 and over) and would provide one to one sessions to help them with a wide range of difficulties including Social Phobia, Generalised Anxiety disorder, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), Specific phobia, Depression/Low Mood, Self esteem difficulties and Panic disorder. As IAPT Lead, my role also involves leading on the delivery of CYP-IAPT within the service, providing clinical supervision to IAPT practitioners, supporting and leading in new CYP IAPT service developments and attending meetings with external agencies.    

Name: Jess 

Role: CBT Practitioner & trainee supervisor

Worked at The Link since: September 2017


Favourite Food: Pizza

Superpower of choice: The ability to manipulate time

Favourite TV show/ Film: Friends

A day in your role...

A typical day for me involves providing 1:1 sessions to young people struggling with anxiety and low mood. I am also training to be a supervisor, so part of my job role involves having supervisions with other practitioners to help them with anything they might be struggling with.

Name: Camilla

Role: Team Clark and Relax Kids Instructor

Worked at The Link since: September 2015


Favourite Food: Sticky Toffee Pudding

Superpower of choice: Granting Wishes

Favourite TV show/ Film: The Lion King


A day in your role...

A typical day in the role of a Team Clark involves providing ongoing support to the full team of practitioners, diary management, and liaising with outside agencies/professionals. My role also entails providing support to the service users within Friends groups and Relax Kids Sessions.

Name: Sarah

Role: Operations Manager/Training Coordinator

Worked at The Link Since: October 2014


Favourite Food: Tagliatelle Carbonara

Superpower of Choice: Ability to control time

Favourite Film/TV show: The Heat


A day in the role:

 A typical day in the role involves overseeing, managing and developing the operational running of the staff and service here at The Link, screening referrals, monitoring of waiting lists, managing allocations and work outputs, and conducting operational case management supervision with all the clinical team. As the Deputy Safeguarding Lead, being the secondary point of contact for all Safeguarding queries in the service. As well as delivery and evaluation of both accredited and non accredited training.

Name: Holly

Role: Business Support/ HR

Worked at The Link since: March 2014


Favourite Food: Pizza

Superpower of choice: Invisibility

Favourite TV show/ Film: Friends


A day in your role...

A typical day in the role of Business Support Coordinator/ HR involves working within The Links business unit, providing ongoing support to the CEO and strategic management team. This includes maintaining finance systems and financial forecasts and also maintaining and developing the company’s current HR functions. 

Name: Amy 

Role: Enhanced Evidence Based Practitioner

Worked at The Link since: January 2019


Favourite Food: Pizza and BBQ dip

Superpower of choice: Flying!

Favourite TV show/ Film: Game of thrones (but not the ending...)


A day in your role...

Every day is different and always rewarding. My role as an enhanced evidence based practitioner can range between supporting young people and their families with things such as anger, friendship difficulties, emotional regulation, to difficulties with anxiety and low mood. I work with children between primary and secondary schools ages and feed into the service level agreements we have with schools.

Name: Nathan

Role: Therapeutic Lead/Supervisor & Trainee Child Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

Worked at The Link since: September 2013


Favourite Food: Steak

Superpower of choice: Invulnerability

Favourite TV show/ Film: The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy


A day in your role…

Most of my day is spent working directly with children, young people and families to provide a variety of therapeutic interventions including, Systemic Family Practice, Psychotherapeutic Counselling and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy. Furthermore I offer supervision and work with the other members of the senior management team to shape service delivery and support the other clinicians in their work.

Name: Jon

Role: Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner (EWP)

Worked at The Link since: September 2020


Favourite Food: Fish n Chips at the coast and out of newspaper

Superpower of choice: To be able to fly

Favourite TV show/ Film: Two and a Half Men (Charlie Sheen era)


A day in your role...

My typical day involved going into schools to carry out supportive work with children and young people between the ages of 4 - 18 and develop/deliver training to external stakeholders. I carry out Psychoeducation to parents in parent-led work to give parents the tools to therapeutically support their own children. I also collaborate with partner agencies in supporting Management plans and strategies that best suit the needs of children and families. 

Name: Kirsty

Role: Therapeutic Social Worker / CBT Practitioner /  Safeguarding Deputy

Worked at The Link since: December 2018


Favourite Food: Mushroom Chowmain.

Superpower of choice: Fast reading speed as I love books.

Favourite TV show/ Film: Interior design shows


A day in your role...

I work with children and young people on a daily basis offering High-Intensity Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for various mental health presentations including Anxiety and Depression. I can sometimes work with parents and carers too, by helping them to support their children with mental health issues. As a therapeutic social worker, I may work with children and young people who are open to social care or that have been fostered or adopted. I also support staff at the Link with any safeguarding concerns they may have. I really like my job and the children and young people I work with.

Name: Chloe

Role: Low Intensity CBT Practitioner & Outreach

Worked at The Link since: July 2019 


Favourite Food: Mushroom Pizza

Superpower of choice: Teleportation

Favourite TV show/ Film: Friends


A day in your role...

My day typically starts at a Redcar or Middlesbrough based school at 9am, providing therapeutic support to a child or young person usually experiencing anxiety or low mood. From here, I will drive to another school (and do this three or four times throughout the day) before going back to the office to complete my paper work for the interventions I have facilitated. I usually eat lunch between appointments, or back at my desk while I chat to the lovely people I share a room with.