Anti Bullying Week 2017 is held between 13th-17th November and is organised by Anti-Bullying Alliance.

The message it sends out is a surprisingly simple one.

All different,  but all equal.

Bullies tend to pick on the differences between them and you. But if we were all carbon copies of each other the world would be a pretty boring place. We should instead celebrate our glorious differences!

Bullying in childhood can have a significant long term impact, lasting well into adulthood.

Bullies thrive in the darkness, by telling someone you trust, you place the bully into the spotlight. Tell them what has happened, when it happened, who was involved, and who else saw it. If the bullying is online or on your phone make sure to take a screenshot.  

Until action is taken, it is best to ignore whatever the bully is doing. If you cannot you can wrong foot the bully by agreeing with what they say and asking “What about yourself?”

This can often confuse the bullies as they are expecting you to argue with them, not agree with them.

At The Link, we help to support you and help you grow your self esteem and resilience, so that you can see that the bully has no power over you. You have all the power to control your own feelings and emotions.

Follow the events of Anti-Bullying Week on Social Media using #antibullyingweek and #abw17