Hayley has recently started attending group with her sister Charlotte.

Both Hayley and Charlotte attended group evidently lacking in confidence and self-esteem and seemed somewhat apprehensive in mixing with some of the other young people within group.

After attending two sessions, Hayley was actively participating within the group and had made a number of friends. Charlotte was observed singing confidently within group and it was evident music was something which she was able to use as a form of escapism.

Hayley has been observed smiling throughout the sessions and she presents as extremely happy within group. Other members have also welcomed them both as as they were new to the area this was a really great way for them to develop new social networks.

Recently Charlotte has been contributing to the song which the young people have been writing and composing and it was Charlotte’s idea of using the theme of bullying as the overriding concept for the song.

Charlotte has been awarded star of the week for the dedication and enthusiasm she has shown since joining the group.